Why Commit to Claws?

Being committed to claws is not just about committing to scratching, it is committing to an integral part of anatomy and daily life for our feline friends. Learn why claws are worth your commitment. Discover the complexities of paw anatomy, spend a day in the life of a clawed cat, and see what the human experts have to say.

Nailing It!

Claw anatomy is more than skin deep, it goes right to the bone. Learn more about the fascinating anatomy of tiny little kitty feet.

A zoomed out view of a cat's daily schedule, with items including play time, manicure, and wrestling.

The Clawed Cat Experience

Cats need their claws all day, every day. You might be surprised how often they come in handy. Follow a clawed kitty through their day to see.

Collage of logos: AAHA, ASPCA, AAFP, CDC, and International Cat Care.

Position Statements

Cat professionals from all areas of kittydom have spoken out against declawing. Read what the experts have to say about this unnecessary amputation.