Ask your veterinarian if they are Committed to Claws. If not, ask them why and encourage them to join the Declawbstacle Course! It may be tempting to leave an uncommitted vet, but we can change more lives through education than abandonment. 

Volunteer to train kitties in transition, teaching them to enjoy low stress nail trims. Donate scratchers to support normal behavior and establish good habits. Ask rescue organizers if they are Committed to Claws and encourage them to explore our website. 

Browse our store to find fun ways to support the project while raising awareness. Show your kitty that you care with a catnip toy. Show the world that you care with a bumper sticker. Proceeds support web hosting and education development.

Submit your ideas for education resources, outreach opportunities, or fun promotions to our contact form. Our goal is to meet the needs of the community, so we need to know yours!

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