Create a Scratching Sanctuary

A scratching sanctuary gives your kitty an enriched space, while allowing you to restrict access to vulnerable targets during training. Allow free access to encourage use and seclude your kitty in sanctuary when unsupervised. Alternately, use sanctuary as your new cat’s home base before introducing them to the rest of the household. To keep unwanted guests out, consider using a baby gate or install a cat-door with microchip reader for extra security.

Photo of sanctuary with recommended resources in place.
the number 1

Food and water are basic essentials. Distribute these resources to encourage full use of the space.

the number 2

Use your cat’s favorite litter, offer choice to find out what that is. Provide a roomy box and scoop daily.

the number 3

Pheromone support promotes a sense of calm. Feliway Classic in a plug-in diffuser is a great option.

the number 4

Offer a variety of cozy resting areas, including elevated options for an added sense of security.

the number 5

Provide toys for solo, interactive, and automated play. Take an active role and engage in play in sanctuary.

the number 6

Enrich the space with senses in mind. Bird feeders give sight and sound. Cat grass gives smell and taste.

the number 7

Mini-speakers give audio support. Music designed for cats can entertain or calm, even dulling scary noises.

the number 8

Provide food puzzles that range in difficulty. Easy toys give instant gratification, challenge combats boredom.

the number 9

Offer a scratching buffet. Vertical, horizontal, slanted, sisal, cardboard, carpet, the more options the better.

the number 10

A comfy cat is vital. The goal is a sanctuary, not a prison. If your cat is not happy, reassess the space.