Are you and your kitty a motivational match?

They say that we tend to share traits with our pets. What is at your kitty core? Find out, then learn more about how you can cater to your cat’s drives and desires for successful scratching.


Good morning! The sun is shining, the birds are singing. How will you start your day?

Exercise is good for you, how do you get yours?

A cat laying next to exercise equipment

Your friends have invited you to hang out and be lazy, do you go over?

Your best friend has been struggling to meet their objectives and isn't sure that their career goals are attainable. What is your advice?

Tabby cat laying in the grass while wearing a necktie.

Time for some chores, what are you dreading the most?

A cat sits next to a cordless vacuum

Have a snack, pick a fruit!

In your downtime, you decide to pop online. Which cat meme appeals to you?

A kitten sits on a laptop.
"Because we all need it, here's what happens when a cat touches a plasma ball" In the photo a kitten has its paw on the ball and its toe beans are glowing purple.
"Talk to your kits about 'nip" A cat sniffs and licks a tube of catnip leaves then slumps over in an unflattering position on his butt.
"Guys with feet like this have a 125% chance of stealing your girl" Photos of cute plump cat feet.

Next week is your birthday, how will you celebrate?

A cat wearing a party hat.

Dinner time rolls around and you need to make plans. What do you look for in a restaurant?

As you drift off to sleep, what do you dream about?

Sleeping cat on a blanket

What is at your kitty core?

Self-care means different things to different people. While you enjoy the finer things and won't turn down a little pampering, you recognize that strong bonds and a support network make life more pleasant for all involved. Your values include maintaining relationships as a way to care for yourself and your peers. 
Murder Machine

Hoo boy, you can be a bit intense at times. Your strong drive to succeed and healthy dose of competitiveness will get you far. You value the challenge itself just as much as the winning results. A loss is no big deal; the next game is right around the corner and you are going to attack it with all you've got. 
Food Fanatic

A hungry cat contemplates stealing a bowl of ice cream

Basic needs do not make for a basic person; creative solutions and a curious mind are key to problem solving. You know what you need and are not afraid to work hard to make it happen. You value reward for your efforts and would not say no to a second helping of compensation or congratulations. 
Cat-drug Fiend

There is nothing wrong with indulging now and then, whether it's a sugar high, a coffee fix, or something a nice matcha tea. That regular morning pick-me-up helps you function at peak performance, while trying something new gives you a fresh perspective. You value experiences and enrichment to brighten dull days.
...Unique Individual

Cat with its head in a lit lampshade.

We are not quite sure what to make of you. You seem to revel in what is around you, not so much driven as simply wandering about. You value novelty and might very well be an alien tourist.

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Easy like a Sunday morning by ianlivesey via Flickr.

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Pile of kittens by chipmonkey via Flickr.

Cat with Tie in Bushes by cclogg via Flickr.

Handheld cordless vacuum from HoLIfe with cat on carpet by yourbestdigs.

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