Feeling Crafty? Do It Yourself!

You are not limited by what is available on store shelves. DIY Projects range from easy to expert and can be as economical or as extravagant as your budget allows. Tutorials give step by step guidance and new ideas. Mix and match to craft the perfect scratching solution for your kitty. 

We have gathered a few of our favorite DIY videos for you. Browse the playlists for instruction and inspiration. As with anything that you find on the internet, remember to consider the source and evaluate any advice before following it. 

Remember these three keys to a successful DIY scratching solution.


Smooth any sharp edges. Use non-toxic materials. Ask for help if you need to. Always supervise your kitty when introducing new items.


Secure scratchers and trees, using wall anchors as needed. Make bases wide and heavy enough to prevent any wobbling or tipping.


Keep your cat's preferences in mind. Encourage use by tapping into their favorite motivators - such as catnip, play, treats, or attention.

Kitty DIY: Cardboard Crafts

Crafting with cardboard is easy and inexpensive. You may already have all of the supplies that you need! Do your part to recycle and reward your kitty at the same time. 

Kitty DIY: Sisal Scratchers

Sisal is a very popular scratching surface and it is easy to incorporate into your project. Refurbish a worn-out favorite, add sisal to existing furniture, or create something brand new!

Big Kitty DIY: Larger Projects

Ready to tackle something bigger? Learn how to build a cat tree for a large cat or spoil your regular sized feline friend. These videos are intended for those who are comfortable working with tools for more involved projects. 

Accessible Kitty DIY: CC Crafts

These videos make crafting for your kitty more accessible. All are available in HD with audio explanation and closed captions. This assortment offers a variety of scratcher and cat tree projects with varying difficulty levels.