Sustainable Solutions

Quick fixes can fail fast. We are here to help you find sustainable solutions that work. As you get started, keep in mind that every situation is different. It may take trial and error to find the best fit for your cat and household. It is also helpful to remember that solutions are additive. Improve your chances of success by combining environmental enrichment with humane training and routine nail care.

Scratching Sanctuary

Learn the top ten tips for creating a successful sanctuary space.

Setting up for Success

Optimize your setup by offering the right options in the right places.

A collage of four cats having fun in different ways: being brushed, attacking a toy, rolling on the floor, and eyeing food.

Finding Motivations

Recognize your kitty's unique drives and use them to get results.

Nailing it! #1

Get started by exploring the amazing anatomy of tiny little kitty feet.

Nailing it! #2

Take the stress out of nail care with top tips and our step-by-step guide.

Nailing it! #3

Cap those claws for extra protection during transition and training.

Scratch This, Not That!

Exploit scratch-appeal to find the best alternatives for your cat's habits.

Train from Scratch #1

Build a training toolbox that makes communication clear and fun.

Train from Scratch #2

Catch, guide, and build the specific behavior that you want.

Background photo Sweet Couchpotato by elisasophia via Flickr. Setting Up for Success photo 004 by 29638108@N06 via Flickr.