The Declawbstacle Course

Reduce declaws with solutions, not judgement.

We provide the path, you take the steps that are right for you.

The declaw debate is too often made to be black and white, dividing vets into do vs don’t. The reality is not as simple as for or against. There are many veterinarians who recognize that the procedure is problematic, but feel uncomfortable losing an option that they have relied on. The Declawbstacle Course is for those veterinarians. 

Your Declawbstacle Course is a customized set of resources, restrictions, and requirements that you’ll create for clients interested in declawing. Having clients go through this “obstacle course” will help them better understand feline behavioral health and will help your practice prevent onychectomy when possible.

Evaluate your clinic culture and values, enabling you to set meaningful SMART* goals that engage your staff. Take advantage of resources that set you and your clientele up for success. 

Use our menu to craft an individualized plan that fits the needs of your client community while also practicing your values. Proactively address concerns and conflict for improved implementation. 

Generate buy-in among clients to ease transition and encourage full participation in the program. Extract yourself from the “do vs don’t” debate by clearly demonstrating your investment in feline welfare and wellness, without hurting the bottom line. 

Evaluate progress for what worked well and what could be even better yet. Use successes to find further opportunities for growth and development. Meet challenges with direct support options. You decide whether reduction or elimination is your ultimate goal. 

The position of Committed to Claws is that declawing is an unnecessary procedure for which humane alternatives exist. We do not condone the practice of onychectomy in any circumstance but also recognize the vital need for resources supporting veterinarians who wish to reduce declaws performed. Those who are not ready to eliminate the procedure entirely are welcome to participate in this program. Our hope is that through flexible support and education, we enable more veterinarians to become Committed to Claws. If you have concerns related to this program, please do not hesitate to contact us.

*SMART goals are defined using the following criteria: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time Based.