RAINBOW PRIDE Feather and Felt Cat Toy **Limited Supply**


Celebrate Pride with us! These cat toys are trimmed with rainbow feathers and stuffed with fun (silver vine and catnip). This batch is extra special, limited edition!

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Celebrate Pride Month with us! These cat toys are trimmed with rainbow feathers and stuffed with fun. These are extra special and supplies are limited. They are even marked down every June! Of course pride is appropriate all year round, so even after the party winds down these toys will be occasionally restocked as supplies allow.

Who doesn’t like catnip? About half of cats, actually. Thankfully SCIENCE has found that over 70% of kitties who don’t care for catnip DO have a response to silver vine. Our handmade cat toys are stuffed with both. These cat toys are made from heavy duty eco-printed felt to stand up to your cat’s megachomps and bunny kicks. Plant material on the edge or outside of the toys is normal, consisting of stray catnip from the assembly process. Similarly, silver vine may occasionally appear as a brown powder on the edge or outside of the toy. Think of it as a little extra sauce on top!

As these toys are homemade, there is mild variation from toy to toy.

We recommend supervising your kitty’s first playtime, for safety and because you won’t want to miss the silliness! Share the fun and tag us on facebook or instagram @committedtoclaws

Without trim included, each toy measures approximately 3.5″ diameter.

Does your toy need a refresher? First, try bending it back and forth; our Silvernip mix is rich in buds that burst with flavor when broken. If that doesn’t get your kitty’s attention, add a sprinkle of our Silvernip Shaker.

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