Help slow the spread of COVID-19

The novel coronavirus, COVID-19, represents a significant risk worldwide. It is remarkably easy to spread, even if you are not showing any signs of illness. The goal of wearing a mask is not just to protect yourself, but to protect your community. The more people who wear masks, whether or not they actively feel ill, the less able the virus is to spread.

For more information on fabric masks, visit these links.

Joann Fabric and Craft

More resources for mask making at home, including an initiative to make and donate masks for medical personnel. Their site also provides ship to home and curbside pickup options for ordering of supplies.

Smart Air

An interesting article that discusses how effective homemade masks can be, including references to scientific perspectives. Their website has several other articles on the subject of masks and coronavirus.

If you have extra time and supplies on hand, please consider donating masks to your local hospital, grocer, delivery person, or not so crafty friend.