Pets take a lot of commitment. Commitment to providing food, water, shelter, medical care, meeting those basic needs. We feel that being Committed to Claws is just as vital to the physical and behavioral wellbeing of cats.
Our goal is to provide scratching support for kitties and the people who love them.


Committed to Claws is a personal project with room to grow.

Dr. Denise Johnson

Dr. Johnson is a general practitioner of veterinary medicine with a special interest in behavioral health and low stress handling. Her qualifications include level two Fear Free Certification as well as Low Stress Handling Silver Certification.


Content Creator

Looking for an outlet for your creative drive? Interested in contributing to a project that prioritizes behavioral wellness through education? Contact us to join the team.



Unable to contribute but interested in supporting the project? Share the link, share the resources, share that you are committed to claws.

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