Pets take a lot of commitment; commitment to providing food, water, shelter, medical care, meeting those basic needs. We feel that being Committed to Claws is just as vital to the physical and behavioral wellbeing of cats.
Our goal is to provide scratching support for kitties and the people who love them.

Committed to Claws is an educational project working to reduce the incidence of declawing by fostering a supportive environment for growth and offering humane alternatives. The website provides cat owners with educational resources that promote understanding of the role that claws play in physical and behavioral health while guiding management of scratching behavior. Solutions to scratching challenges focus on offering choice and catering to individual cat needs, with training ideology in line with LIMA principles (least invasive, minimally aversive). Punishment is discouraged with explanations of its pitfalls, rather than demonizing the user.

A professional portal is under development, to provide cat professionals including shelter staff and behavior consultants who are Committed to Claws with additional content. Benefits will include client education materials, communication support, networking with local and distant resources, shop discounts, and access to exclusive promotional materials.

Professionals who would like to reduce the number of declaws that they perform, but are not comfortable taking the strong step of committing to claws, are welcome to access targeted support. A free program is available to empower vets to strengthen their claw consulting skills and set boundaries regarding the declaws that they are and are not comfortable performing. Participants are encouraged to consider their own priorities and practice within their values. Support and guidance is provided without judgement or aversives.

Together, through understanding and community, we can end onychectomy.


Committed to Claws is a personal project with room to grow.

Dr. Denise Johnson Full Portrait

Dr. Denise Johnson

Dr. Johnson is a general practitioner of veterinary medicine and IAABC Certified Cat Behavior Consultant. Special interests include behavioral health and low stress handling. Her qualifications include Elite Fear Free, Low Stress Handling Silver, and Cat Friendly Veterinarian Certifications.

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