Committed to Claws

Offering understanding and humane scratching solutions for cat owners and professionals who provide cat care.

How can we help you?

We welcome and support anyone who is interested in becoming committed to claws.

Cat Owners

Learn about what drives your kitty and the importance of claws. Find support and scratching solutions that fit your environment, budget, and individual kitty.

Contact a Committed Professional in your area.


Discover new ways to troubleshoot difficult cases and avoid surgical solutions to behavior challenges. Find a referral partner to improve outcomes and strengthen support options for your clients.

Pet Paraprofessionals

Expand your skillset to improve client support and communication. Become a catalyst for change in your clinic, community, and beyond.

Committed to Claws is a work in progress. Thank you for your interest and patience.
Dr. Denise Johnson Portrait
Dr. Denise Johnson
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