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Offering understanding and humane scratching solutions for cat owners and professionals who provide cat care.

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Our goal is to support anyone who is looking to strengthen their commitment to claws.

A cozy home.

Cat Owners

Learn about what drives your kitty and the importance of claws in their every day life. Find support and scratching solutions that fit your environment, budget, and individual kitty. Share your newfound knowledge with your community to benefit cats at large.

A stethoscope and nail trimming supplies.


Discover new ways to troubleshoot difficult cases and avoid surgical solutions to behavior challenges. From scratching management to complex communication, we have the tools you need to succeed in practice. Find a referral partner to improve outcomes and strengthen support options for your clients.

A clinic setting.

Pet Paraprofessionals

Expand your skillset to improve client support and communication. Enrich your value as a team member or independent professional with tools that meet needs flexibly and sustainably. Become a catalyst for change in your clinic, community, and beyond.

We are proud to be listed as a recommended resource by feline behavior experts